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Next class date tbd- mid to late september

We are moving into a new lab, we will not be at the farmers market in august, but when we return in september, we will have mushrooms for sale!!

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New blog entry about chanterelles

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About Us

At Orgreenic Mushroom Innovations, we strive to bring history, health and biology into the lives of our customers with our unique gourmet and healing mushroom gardens. We make thousands of years of culture, cuisine and healing tradition available to all with our simple-to-cultivate mushroom gardens. Revered in societies the world over, from ancient Egypt and China to modern France, mushrooms are of enormous significance to the development of various ecosystems and also have phenomenal potential for helping people overcome disease and attain continued wellness.


The act of consuming mushrooms, or mycophagy, has been practiced by humans for centuries, and mushrooms have been our allies for generations, providing epicurean satisfaction and countless health benefits. Now, more than ever before, contemporary research is demonstrating that mushrooms have rapidly expanding value to modern people; from scientifically proven medicinal applications to gardening assistance and global detoxification, it seems there is no limit to the worth of fungi.

We at Orgreenic Mushroom Innovations strive to make this delicious synergy of traditional and contemporary available to the budget gourmand, the proactive preventive health seeker and anyone curious about the pleasures and benefits of fungi. We believe that mushrooms have the potential to save the planet and we hope you will join us in our passion!

We specialize in outdoor mushroom garden spawn and plug spawn for cultivation of various strains of gourmet and healing mushrooms including:

  • Black and White Morel 
  • Italian Oyster
  • Golden Oyster
  • Grey Sky Oyster
  • Royal Blue Oyster
  • Wine Cap (Stropharia)
  • Chicken of the Woods
  • Reishi
  • Maitake
  • Lion's Mane

We establish on-site gardens for local chefs, restaurants, specialty markets  and individuals who just have a passion for mushrooms. Additionally, Orgreenic offers workshops to teach customers how to use plug spawn in the spring and the fall. Please contact us for details.

As a dynamic small business, we are always expanding our selection and producing new varieties of mushroom gardens. Updates to this site will reflect changes in our product offerings.

We are proud to be members of:
the Michigan Farmers Market Association
the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club

We are also proud to be a part of the vibrant community at the Flint Farmers Market.

Please contact us with any requests or questions: orgreenicmushroom@gmail.com
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